Spartan, The Training Begins

Since my last post, one week ago, I started to plan out my training for this Spartan Beast OCR (Obstacle Course Race) that I signed up for.  This will not only be a physical challenge but also a challenge in planning and not procrastinating. Knowing that as of this writing I have 109 days to prepare for this race, so diligent and consistent I must be.

My goal, not really knowing what to expect, is to complete the coarse and all the obstacles in it  (12-14 miles and 30-35 obstacles). For each obstacle that is not completed the penalty is 30 burpees, thats a pretty good incentive to be as ready for those obstacles as possible.

Now its time to be real honest with myself and where I’m at with my fitness? Serious questions need to be asked. Where do I need to improve most, what do I suck at, why am I doing this, what the hell have I got myself into? Ok maybe that last one is irrelevant, at least for me at this point, there’s no backing out now! For me evaluating my fitness meant asking myself “I’m in good shape compared to what?” How good does my fitness need to be?  To answer that required a bit of research. It’s not like I have never heard of a Spartan race, but I needed to Know what kind of obstacles I might be up against. My OCD personality required it! Unfortunately the actual coarse is unknown at this time, which is all part of the challenge.

First of all for anyone getting ready to run their first Spartan race I recommend spending a bit of time on You Tube watching some Spartan races so you can familiarize yourself with some of the obstacles you may encounter. This is exactly what I have been doing.  First and foremost I will be doing some running, 12 -14 miles of running. But  not just running, running with 30-35 obstacles designed to test the racer mentally and physically. A lot of the obstacles will require a good amount of grip strength. I foresee a lot of  hanging, pulling, holding, climbing, crawling, pushing and throwing.


So, I know where I’m at and I have a pretty good Idea of where I’m going. My cardio is decent, need to work on my running distance. The most I’ve ran at one time was 6-7 miles. Just recently I ran 6 miles and felt pretty good about it as far as my cardio goes. Thats only a third the distance of the race and no obstacles. I see the main things I need to work on are distance, endurance and grip. No problem, I got this, piece-o-cake!

Next post I will be breaking down with some more detail what I’m doing to improve these areas and an honest report of how its really going.

As a side note I decided to kick off this week with the Memorial day Crossfit WOD     (Work Out of the Day) “Murph”                                                                                                           Run 1 mile                                                                                                                                                100 pull-ups
200 push-ups
300 squats
Run 1 mile
My time was 53:14, when I did this WOD in 2014 my time was 42:01. I have lost some ground. it will be interesting to do this WOD again after I’ve trained for and ran the Beast to see how I do.



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