Road to Spartan 

A little about myself to start things off.  My name is Morey Endes, I’ll be 50 years old this June and I’m a life long Alaskan. My wife Louise and I just love being in the outdoors. Both of us are very active and like  hiking, exploring and just enjoying life in general! 

I’m sort of a late bloomer, as far as being physically active outdoors that is. In my early 40’s I met some awesome friends that introduced me to the wonderful world of hiking, backpacking and running in this beautiful state, Alaska. I’ve lived in Alaska since I was 2 years old and had not ever been backpacking. Boy had I been missing out! Also I never considered myself a runner, the thought of it never even appealed to me. Recent changes in my life at the time had made me open to new things though and running was one of them. The more I ran the more I liked it. I would much rather run on trails than a bike path, sidewalk or road. My running was mostly limited to 5 km or less with a very rare occasion of something just a little farther. 

For a while I went to a local gym with my friend Brad, having never frequented such places before I just felt out of place. I just really wasn’t sure what to do so I wasn’t following any kind of programming. Then Crossfit entered my life through another friend, Chris. My first WOD (Workout Of the Day) I think was called Death by 10 Meters! It was pretty much just as the name implies. 10 meter sprints every minute on the minute. First minute 1 sprint, second minute 2 sprints, third minute 3 sprints and so on until you can complete the number of sprints for the round. As terrible as it was I was hooked.

One day at Crossfit a friend was telling me about how he and his brother were going to do this thing called a Spartan Race, some crazy hard core obstacle course race, the way I understood it anyway. My curiosity was peaked, the seed was planted. Years later there was talk of a Spartan race coming to Alaska.  I thought how cool that would be, I’d definitely do one of those things if it came to Alaska! Alas it never materialized, a narrow escape for me.  

April 10, 2017 9:32 PM

So begins my journey to actually participate in a Spartan Race, not just any Spartan Race, a Beast race at that! I haven’t ran consistently in over a year, hopefully this thing doesn’t freaking kill me!

This blog will mainly be about my journey from now until the.         “Big Race”. 

Time to get training!

P.S.                                                             Disclaimer:  This is my first blog, I’m not a professional, experienced or seasoned writer/blogger. I don’t apologize for misspellings, improper grammar or sentence structure. That is not to say that I’m not wanting to hone my skills as I go. I see this as a learning experience and a way to get my thoughts and experiences out there. 

Please enjoy and follow along this journey with me.



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